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Bestway - Filter Cartridge Size 2

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Quick Overview

Bestway Filter Cartidge Size 2

Bestway Filter Cartridge (Twin Pack) comes with two replacement water
filter cartridges for 530/800 gal/hr filter pump systems. Unless the
whiff of filthy water fills your nose with joy, its vital that you
replace your pool cartridge on a regular basis.

Its likely that your Bestway pool will be used daily during periods of
sunny weather. The more an above ground swimming pool is used, the
quicker a filter cartridge becomes blocked with dirt and debris. Before
long your filter pump starts working like a whiskey slugging drunkard
and your pool looks like a sink in a greasy spoon.

Bestway Type II filters are very easy to fit into a 530/800gal filter
pump. They take no time at all to rinse out and clean, which is great if
you have a busy schedule and important for the upkeep of healthy pool
water. However, cleaning an above ground pool filter will only work for
so long before it becomes untenable. As a result its recommended that
your cartridge filter is changed every two weeks during periods of
prolonged use.

If youre unsure whether the Bestway Filter Cartridge (Twin Pack) is
compatible with your pump, dont hesitate to look at your filter pump
manual. The Type II filter cartridge is just one of the models in the
Bestway Pool Accessories collection. Youll also find filter pumps,
cleaning gear and a variety of other products to enhance your Bestway
Above Ground Pool.

Key Features:

- Compatible with Bestway 530/800 gal/hr Filter Pump

- Contains two 4.2in x 5.4in Filter Cartridges

- Ensures that filter pump runs more efficiently

- Should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks

- 1 pack of 2 (2 Cartriges in total)

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