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Clearwater - 1kg PH Plus

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Quick Overview

Clearwater PH Plus

Key Features:

- 1kg container of pH Plus solution

- Increases pH level of pool water

- Enables chlorine treatment to work more effectively

- Simply dissolve in container and add to water

Bestway Clearwater 1kg pH Plus is the best way (boom, boom) to avoid
itchy eyes and skin because swimming pool pH levels have dropped below
the recommended level. To avoid a dreaded dose of red eye its vital
that acidity is controlled and pH Plus is a simple and highly effective
way to achieve this.

The recommended pH balance of pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6 (you can
test pH levels using Clearwater Dip Test Strips, which are available on
the Bestway Chemicals section of the website). When pH levels drop below
7.2 acidity increases and pH treatment needs to be applied. PH balance
can be altered by leaves falling into the water, beetles enjoying a
skinny dip, cosmetics from your skin and even urine!

Applying the pH water treatment couldnt be simpler. After dissolving
the recommended amount of pH chemicals in warm water you simply add the
solution to the pool, increasing its pH level. After eight hours, pH
levels should be checked again and increased or decreased accordingly.
If the pH level climbs above 7.6 you should use Bestway Clearwater pH
Minus, which youll find inside the Bestway Chemicals section of the
website, to reduce it.

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be
carefully followed and heeded. Thankfully Bestway 1kg pH Plus is
labelled with all of the necessary precautions and warnings.
Alternatively, you can find information about applying chemicals on the
Bestway Pool Chemical Advice page.


- 1kg container of pH Plus solution

- Increases pH level of pool water

- Used when PH level frops below 7.2

- Instructions should be carefully followed at all times

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