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Clearwater - 1ltr Algacide

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Quick Overview

Clearwater Algaecide

Key Features:

- 1 Litre container of Liquid Algaecide

- Liquid algaecide prevents build-up of algae

- Regular application helps to control algae growth

- Helps to maintain clean and healthy water

Bestway Clearwater 1 Litre Algaecide is a highly effective way to
eliminate algae and prevent a pool from looking like a bowl of chicken
broth. Although algae doesnt do direct harm to swimmers it looks deeply
unpleasant and provides an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Getting rid of swimming pool algae, a microscopic plant that comes in
many guises and adores the nutrients found in pool water, couldnt be
simpler. If algae forms on or below the waters surface you simply pour
the recommended dose of algae remover into the swimming pool. Ideally
the algae killer should be applied where water inlets are situated so
that it disperses evenly and effectively throughout the water. The
amount of algae treatment used depends on the size of an above ground
swimming pool and the severity of the situation.

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be
carefully followed and heeded. Thankfully Clearwater 1 Litre Algaecide
is clearly labelled with all of the necessary guidelines. Alternatively,
you can find out how to get rid of algae, apply correct chlorine levels
and loads of other information on the Bestway Pool Chemical Advice page.


- 1 Litre container of Liquid Algaecide

- Prevents and controls Algae

- Intsructions should be followed at all times

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