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Bestway - Filter Cartridge Size 1 - 6 PACK

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Quick Overview

Bestway Filter Cartridge Size 1 6 Pack

Bestway Filter Cartridge (Twin Pack) contains two replacement filter
cartridges for 300/330 gal/hr filter pump systems. If you dont want
your filtration pump to choke on grime and scum its vitally important
that you change your filter cartridge at least every two weeks.

When the sun is shining theres a strong possibility youll be using
your Bestway pool for daily swimming and splashing sessions. During
these prolonged periods of use, cartridge filters rapidly become clogged
with debris. Before you know it your pump is working at a slugs pace
and your pool looks like the bowl of a bookies toilet.

Bestway Type I filters are easy to fit into a 300/330 gal/hr filter pump
and very simple to clean. Regularly rinsing your Bestway pool filter
will prolong its life and is essential for the smooth running of your
filter pump system. This will only work for so long before it becomes
totally ineffective. In order to maintain clean, clear water its vital
that you replace it.

If youre unsure whether the Bestway Filter Cartridge (Twin Pack) is
compatible with your pump you should refer to your filter pump manual.
The Type I filter cartridge is one of many in the Bestway Pool
Accessories range. Youll also find filter pumps, cleaning equipment and
a variety of other products to enhance your Bestway Above Ground Pool.

Key Features:

- Compatible with Bestway 300/330 gal/hr Filter Pump

- Contains two 3.1in x 3.5in Filter Cartridges

- Ensures that filter pump runs more efficiently

- Should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks

- 6 Pack of 2 (12 Cartridges in total)

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